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Rotting Out - The Wrong Way
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    I miss you more than I would ever be able to describe with words. I miss the basics, like the smell of your perfume, or even better, the smell of your scented lip balm. I miss your voice, not the angry one, but the sweet and loving one. The one that could make my day 10 times better. I miss your laughter and your facial expression when ever we’d meet; the mutual happiness to finally see each other again. I miss your touch. Oh fuck, your touch and your soft kisses on my body. And the rougher ones as well. The demanding kisses. The kisses asking for more. The kisses to make me feel better. The time when I gave you kisses as a reward whenever you had gotten a bit further with your paper. I miss falling asleep next to you; listening to you breathing. Feeling your warmth right beside me, in this cold and dark world.

    I miss your stupid face. I should’ve told you how beautiful I think you are. I should’ve told you how much I love you.
    Come and rescue me already. Do I really need to cry out loud for you to come and rescue me? Do a gesture. Even a small thing. Just do something.
    I miss you.

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Counterparts // The Disconnect (x)
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